2023 APS Transportation Team!

On April 24, 2019, the Alamogordo Public Schools (APS) Board of Education voted to approve moving Transportation Services in-house. APS worked closely with the New Mexico Public Education Department (NM PED) Transportation Director to ensure a smooth transition from Alamo Bus Company to the District effective July 1, 2019.

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2023 APS Transportation Team!


Moving Transportation Services under APS allowed the District to ensure compliance with NM PED regulations and Special Education statutes while providing better oversight of transportation funding and expenditures. This has improved communication and enhanced customer service. The APS Coordinator of Transportation oversees all aspects of District transportation and is responsible for accurate reporting, determining efficient bus routes, and responding to stakeholder concerns. Additionally, all bus drivers are now District employees.

For more information regarding APS Transportation Services, please contact the Transportation Office at (575) 812-6098 or Via Email.

APS Transportation Hotline: (575) 812-KIDS (5437)